4 Awesome Ideas Being Developed by 2018 Thiel Award Winners

These four companies were rewarded for developing groundbreaking technology that will change millions of lives.

Will McCormick
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The Thiel Foundation was created by Peter Thiel, the billionaire investor and PayPal co-founder. For the past eight years, the fellowship selects 20 people the option to pursue their own innovative technology ideas and start their own companies. Along with the prestige of being named a winner of the Thiel Award, each recipient is given a $100,000 grant over 2 years to pursue their dreams and get their projects off and running. 

To date, companies that have been created by the Thiel Fellowship are worth more than $3 billion. That doesn't include Ethereum, which was created by Vitalik Buterin and currently has a market cap of about $50 billion.

The Thiel Foundation gives 20 young adults the opportunity to get ahead of the curve rather than just going to college. This year, the list of young men and women that were given the chance is very strong. For instance,  Danel Ternyak, the CTO of "MyCrypto" is facilitating the transition to a decentralized society by bringing accessibility to Ethereum and other blockchains.

Liam Berryman of Nelumbo is developing a new materials platform capable of significantly increasing the energy efficiency of any refrigeration system. Those are just two of the 16 young adults who are doing good work and innovating their ideas into the tech industry. Here are the four recipients Thiel Awards winners who are developing more groundbreaking technologies with their own companies.

Discovr Labs: Educating the World With Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Last week, we discussed the impact that augmented reality is having on education. At Discovr Labs, Gemma Busoni from San Salvador also believes that AR is the future of learning in schools. The company's vision is to deliver the most effective education and training experiences by using AR and virtual reality because people learn more effectively through AR and VR than through literature and lectures.

Busoni's company is developing prototypes, thousands of demos, and is working with all types of educators and instructors to bring education into the future now.