5 Unexpected Ways AR Will Change Your Life Someday

At some point in your life, you're going to use augmented reality in all five of the following industries.

Will McCormick
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Creating New Ways to Educate the Next Generation

At this point, most humans in modern societies at least have the option to own a smartphone, even children. Over recent years, the tradition has become to force the kids to put their phones away and study with books and the classroom activities. That will always be a huge part of the curriculum.

However, augmented reality will get their phones and tablets out of their pockets and into the next generation of learning. On paper, a smartphone is a pocket-sized network of all information. With AR, that information can come through the classroom in really unexpected ways. Obviously, AR will be able to provide students with live videos and demonstrations from teachers.

It will become a norm when it comes to math and other subjects, but being able to see history before your eyes or science experiments without having to work with dangerous chemicals until they're ready. High school students won't need to dissect a frog when they can just view it themselves through the technology in their pocket.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles: The Future of Travel 

Augmented reality technology won't be able to innovate the automobile and travel industry by itself. Currently, our cars already have "heads-up" displays that are extremely helpful, but not entirely safe. Taking your eyes off the road for a second is still a risk even for the most experienced drivers.

AR glasses and the advancement of heads-up displays could make it so your eyes don't need to leave the road at all and everything you need would be accessible even behind the wheel. Just as a safety precaution, augmented reality could save millions of lives on the open road. Not only that, but the advancement of AR with artificial intelligence could result in the transition of our modern vehicles to driverless cars.

There's going to be an era where AI handles the majority of the decision as we drive, but augmented reality will be pivotal to the development of that tech in the future. Blockchain will also play a role, but AR tech will be helpful to teach new drivers and may one day make it so we don't have to drive.

Augmented Reality is Changing the World

Those are just five ways that augmented reality will be used to change our daily routines and make our lives easier. Eventually, we will rely on AR technology to show us the right products to buy and see through virtual mirrors if they are worth the price. It'll change the way we learn in school and apply knowledge in the real world.

It's going to be amazing to see how many jobs change with the assistance of augmented reality. We are going to drive differently, think differently, and be able to understand our world better with all the extra time we won't be spending in a hospital waiting room. Make no mistake, AR technology is going to influence most industries and our daily lives are going to rely heavily on AR someday.