'Magic Leap' To Innovate the Travel Industry With 'Air New Zealand'

Later this year, groundbreaking new technology will be released that will change the way people travel.

Will McCormick
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Magic Leap, a Florida-based tech startup company has raised over $1.9 billion in financing but hasn’t released a single product. In the 4th quarter of 2017, the company made investments of roughly $502 million, which was only surpassed by Lyft’s $1 billion. The company introduced the “Magic Leap One” in December and it’s expected to finally be released before the end of 2018.

More recently, the Oscar-winning studio, Framestore revealed it's been working with Magic Leap over the past few years to develop new content for the “Magic Leap One: Creator Edition.” The company has also partnered with the NBA and other organizations to create content. Last week, Air New Zealand announced a strategic partnership to completely innovate the travel industry.

What are Magic Leap and Air New Zealand developing together? 

The two companies are developing immersive content that showcases New Zealand as a great vacation destination. It’s been entitled, The Fantastical Journey throughout New Zealand.”

The experience is also expected to be released later this year and it will not only showcase Magic Leap’s technology, but it will offer a first-hand look at the beautiful country. Rachna Bhasin, the chief business officer for Magic Leap, had the following in a statement about the partnership:

“Magic Leap and Air New Zealand have a shared ambition to bring true innovation to everyday experiences, including air travel experience. As a Magic Leap partner, Air New Zealand is uniquely positioned to bring revolutionary technology to the travel industry.”

How Will The New Tech Change the Travel Industry?

On paper, virtual tourism could be a game changer for the travel industry. Rather than looking at pictures of a destination, this technology would give a much more up close and personal view of any destination you would wish to visit soon. The option to have an experience in New Zealand without having to get on a plane could and most likely would revolutionize the travel industry.

Magic Leap has also claimed its highest priority is to deliver the best quality content possible when the company finally releases the device. As of this writing, no images of the experience are released, but Air New Zealand is promoting the scenery the country has to offer through a commercial for the airline which you can see below.