Signal Zero Blockchain Rewarding eSports Players With Crypto Tokens

The company is attempting to establish a brand new system for rewarding its members and active users.

Will McCormick
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Last week, the Dfinity Foundation distributed $35 million CHF to tens of thousands of their community members. The event was one of the largest airdrops to date. The company’s goal was to give free tokens away to raise awareness and reward the project’s members.

Tobias Batton, CEO of Signal Zero, strongly disagrees with the tactic and believes the company just gave away millions of dollars in tokens and free stock. However, Batton doesn’t completely disagree with rewarding users through airdrops.

Why is Signal Zero giving away Crypto Tokens?

Signal Zero is a leading rewards platform specifically built for games and eSports. The company announced that it has reinvented airdrops, but Batton’s goal isn’t just to raise awareness and reward the platform’s members.

Instead, he’s urging blockchain entrepreneurs to follow their lead and launch a “Proof of Concept” to establish and build an engaged community of active users, who will provide feedback, user research, and carry out beta testing. The company released a press release via Cryptoland PR and Batton had the following to say about the recent airdrop:

“I hope our initiative will spark a sea change in the way crypto-projects distribute coins to their community of supporters – completely upending the notion that individuals can receive coins for doing simple tasks like joining a Telegram group.”

What Makes Signal Zero's Upcoming Airdrop Different?

This will be the world’s first “Proof-of-Skill” blockchain platform that will reward players based on their skill level. The company has integrated with TapRivals to give the gamers the ability to earn points, build a reputation, and show off their skills.

With the blockchain algorithm, higher ranking players will have even more access and receive greater rewards provided by TapRivals. Tobias Batton also said following about rewarding Signal Zero’s active community with the upcoming airdrop:

“Since we launched in 2014, Singal Zero has grown to a community of over 10 million global players and we have rewarded our members with more than $7 million in cash and prizes. We are excited to continue to grow the community and share even more rewards with members, no matter where they play.”