South Korean Security Businesses Launching New Blockchain Solutions

One business, MarkAny, is working on a solution called e-Certchain that issues verifiable electronic certificates.

Morgan Shaver
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In a report from Korea IT News, it was revealed that numerous South Korean security businesses are working to launch and incorporate new blockchain solutions. These solutions include systems capable of providing email receipts, cold wallets, and ways to prevent forgery of electronic documents. Some of the businesses looking into these ventures include MarkAny, Penta Security, and Jiran Security, among others.

One particularly interesting blockchain product in the works comes from MarkAny, who are actively working to develop a solution called “e-Certchain.” e-Certchain is often applied to the distribution of electronic documents. It works through an online system that issues certificates, which can be added to just about any application or issue.

Application comes in the form of verifiable 2D barcodes. Using the verification process, electronic document falsification is prevented once output status dependent on request from submitters is taken into consideration.

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Speaking about the development of e-Certchain, a representative from MarkAny stated:

“We are currently working on R&D of e-Certchain after creating a ‘blockchain team’ which is directly under the control of our CEO, during the second half of last year. We are planning to launch ‘e-Certchain’ by the end of this year and establish a business strategy that supports change in distribution environment of electronic certificates and others for our customers.”

MarkAny aims to continue developing relevant technologies over the next 3 years.

Seeing the application of blockchain solutions, particularly in the form of electronic certificates, is definitely smart. What other blockchain solutions could companies incorporate, and what do you think of MarkAny’s implementation of e-Certchain? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below!