Fox Sports Includes VR Coverage for 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Match Center, Highlight Machine & Team Channels Headline: 'World Cup Everywhere' Across FOX Sports App,

Ramy Caspi
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FOX Sports recently announced an unprecedented volume of television coverage from the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ including all 64 matches live. The company’s digital and social arsenal raises the bar in support of the world’s most widely viewed sporting event, airing on FOX and FS1 from June 14 to July 15.

"Soccer fans and casual viewers alike will be delighted by our World Cup executions across the FOX Sports apps and," said David Wertheimer, President of Digital Products at Fox Networks Group. "Just like our broadcasts, FOX Sports digital products provide unprecedented access—getting viewers closer and deeper into the action."

Included in this year's coverage, Fox Sports launched its Social VR channel.  The Social VR experiance has been created in partnership with industry-leader LiveLike on a social virtual reality offering including a custom suite and three immersive, multi-angle VR feeds from each game. LiveLike works as a tech startup and is responsible for building a platform which melds virtual reality and social-media interactivity for sports.

According to an article by Variety, the New York-based company developed a live-streaming platform that uses VR, as well as augmented reality and mixed reality, to produce an interactive, 360-degree “virtual suite” overlooking a sporting event. 

In this virtual suite, users can connect with friends or fellow fans via Facebook and watch the game. Users can also select different camera angles, access stats, highlights, and replays. Meanwhile, broadcaster content can be viewed with or without a VR headset. 

Last year, Livelike and Fox Sports partnered to create the Fox Sports VR app featuring sports like hockey, football, basketball, and soccer. This year's collaboration ensures that viewers have the immersive experiance of "vitually attending the game" and interacting with their friends on social media