Deutsche Boerse 'Deep At Work' Examining Bitcoin

World's tenth biggest stock market provider considering Cryptocurrencies, which could be added to its portfolio

Ramy Caspi
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Bloomberg has reported that Deutsche Boerse (DB), the owner of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, has said that it is “deep at work” and considering integrating cryptocurrency as an option.

Speaking at an industry event in London, Jeffrey Tessler, the company’s head of clients, products and core markets told the delegates that the company was busy "understanding” the technology behind cryptocurrencies“Before we move forward with anything like Bitcoin we want to make sure we understand the underlying transaction which isn’t the easiest thing to do. We are deep at work with it,” he said.

The Deutsche Boerse is the world's 10th largest stock exchange, with a list of companies valuing in excess of $2 trillion in combined market value. Deutsche Boerse willingness to look at cryptocurrency and potentially adding it to its portfolio, is a significant win for the market.

While in its preliminary stages, Deutsche Boerse was “not at the same stage” as its U.S. rivals CBOE and CME who are currently selling Bitcoin futures, however, it seems that an eventual debut will likely occur.