Qualcomm Expected to Release New AR & VR Chipsets to Power Headsets

Leading chipmaker for smartphones is gearing up to announce a new processor made specifically for augmented and virtual reality headsets.

Ramy Caspi
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According to a post from Bloomberg, Qualcomm is expected to announce the release of Snapdragon XR1, a chip specifically designed to power AR/VR.

The Snapdragon XR1 is a system-on-a-chip capable of managing central and graphics processing. This includes security and artificial intelligence functions. The chip also has enough power to handle AR and VR simulations yet maintain a low energy efficiency.

VR & AR headsets are mainly expensive and tethered devices; they draw power and computing from a device. The release of the XR1 would allow current AR/VR manufacturers to deploy a smarter and more efficient component and has already been linked to HTC Vive and Vuzix’s Blade smartglasses.

In a separate report, Google has been working with Qualcomm and manufacturer Quanta on its own AR headset which is reputedly similar to Microsoft’s HoloLens.

Qualcomm is currently the world’s leading mobile chipmaker. While smartglasses have been predicted to replace smartphones as our next generation of personal computing, Qualcomm is preparing itself to be one of the leading suppliers in the space as wearable’s begin to mature.