AI to enhance human creativity - Vishal Sikka

The former Infosys CEO has a new AI venture in the early stages; he's previously raised concerns over the need for enhancement in education on artificial intelligence

David Nurieli
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After resigning from Infosys, Vishal Sikka has revealed his new venture at a conference in Silicon Valley last week. Sikka said he is working on a cool artificial intelligence venture company aiming to use technology to enhance human creativity.

Vishal was invited to deliver keynote speech at the TiE Inflect Conference, when he talked about “opportunity for A.I. and how it was being drowned out by the noise around the potential destruction of the workforce."

Vishal announced that his venture was in its early stages and is expected to disrupt the A.I. landscape. But, the former Infosys CEO raised concerns over the need of enhancing the education of A.I. He insists that the current workforce of only 250,000 would not be adequate in keeping up with the pace of A.I.’s development.

In August of 2017, Sikka resigned from Infosys regarding controversy over the acquisition of two companies – automation firm Panaya and ecommerce platform Skava.

Vishal has always been focused on encouraging A.I. technology. He did this while managing Infosys, the software company that had introduced its first A.I. platform ‘Mana’ followed by the introduction of another A.I. platform ‘Nia’. Though the company is working on unwinding his legacy, it’s retaining the artificial intelligence platform Nia which will be integrated with all of its offerings including internal systems. 

Image Source: Forbes India