Apple planning on launching a Headset capable of running both AR and VR

While Augmented Reality (AR) maps digital objects onto the real world, Virtual Reality (VR) immerses users entirely in a digitally-generated environment

David Nurieli
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Codenamed T288, a new headset has been rumoured to be Apple’s augmented reality device. It is said that the unit will have virtual reality capabilities built in as well. On Friday, CNET reported that unnamed sources at Apple have released some details on the eagerly anticipated glasses and the company has very ambitious details.

Apple is typically known for secrecy and has taken many steps in protecting its upcoming products. They couldn't hide this though as the latest piece of kit has specs which include dual screens running at 8K resolution and a wireless connection to a controller box with processors which is significantly more advanced than anything on the market today.

The new information, if true, would be a major leak for the secretive company. Apple has so far declined to comment on the news. But, aside from the addition of VR, it seems to confirm similar reports dating back at least to November of last year.

Some commenters with insight on hardware development have said that creating a device with the specs laid out in the report, would require Apple to push the limits of its engineering capabilities. Those specs are well ahead of anything on the market today.

Today's VR/AR headsets are all tethered with a cable and if the reports are true, Apple may be using 60Ghx WiGig: a new high-speed wireless protocol. It is capable of transferring lots of data quickly and could usher the next generation of a newly untethered headset.

Apple also purchased AR startup MetaIO and facial recognition and animation startup Faceshift. Just a few days ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked about VR and said  “I don’t think it’s a niche…it’s really cool and has some interesting applications.” The comment came as earnings suggest Apple’s iPhone might be peaking and future growth at the company will have to come elsewhere.