Blockchain-Based Image Rights Protection Platform launched by Baidu

Search giant Baidu launches digital image rights management platform based on Blockchain.

Marcus Zallman
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On Wednesday, April 11, Chinese internet search giant Baidu has announced that the company has launched ‘Totem’ a digital image property rights management platform based on Blockchain.

Using Totem, digital image creators would need to authenticate their personal information, and time-stamping the original submission by storing it on a traceable and immutable Blockchain, which would link all works to their profile. 

In addition, Baidu claims that it is utilising artificial intelligence for image analysis and semantics. By adding to the ‘block’ its unique 'image tag(s)', and running on the Blockchain based network, this will provide a traceable circulation of the images over the internet. Should those images be reproduced, used without payment and/or incur a copyright infringement then the platform can flag the breach.

According to CoinDesk, many existing stock photography services in China have already moved to Baidu’s blockchain platform. Getty Images partner, Visual China Group have already moved onto the platform.

It has not been confirmed if Totem is using a public or permission-based blockchain protocol.

In January 2018, a similar image rights based solutions has been announced by Kodak’s own image rights management blockchain platform. Kodaks solution, uses a digital ledger to establish rights ownership, and also offers a KODAKCoin token to allow content creators to receive dividends for image usage.