SpaceX: We can use a rocket to get to Shanghai or Mars within a decade

SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell believes that humanity will be able to use a rocket to travel to Shanghai or Mars in the near future

Marcus Zallman
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Last year, SpaceX announced in September that the company had future plans to make rocket travel a reality, which included reducing travel time from Houston to Shanghai from a full day to just under an hour. This ‘rocket program’ is the foundation for the company’s goal to reach Mars.

At Ted Conference in Vancouver, Gwynne Shotwell, Chief Operating Officer and President of Space X believes that the company will have the technology ‘within a decade for sure’.

During the interview on stage, Gwynne informed her host Ted’s Chris Anderson that ‘it's definitely going to happen’ and “Mars is fine, but it's a first fixer-upper-planet”

Elon Musk believes that humanity will be destroyed in the coming decades, and this could be due to artificial intelligence or nuclear war. That being said, one of Space X’s missions is to take humans to other planets as a way to sustain human life. “It’s risk reduction for the human species,” she said. Of course, SpaceX also has a well-earned reputation for missing many of Musk's timing projections.

According to a new report, space venture companies have raised nearly $1 billion in Q1’18 of which 50% of those funds have been to fund Space X, through Fidelity Investments; however the funds in SpaceX were  “to drive development of their satellite communications network, Starlink.”

For local, earth travel, the video (above), suggests that by 2024, SpaceX would be able to carry 100 passengers onboard a Big Falcon Rocket, which would fly into the atmosphere at a speed of 16,000mph, then would reenter and land at a local rocket landing pad.

According to Gearbrain, SpaceX claims its rockets would transport passengers 7,400 miles between New York City and Shanghai in 39 minutes, compared to the 15 hours it takes by commercial airliner today.