VR: Take a trip through 'Future City'

PWC shows how using disruptive technologies like VR can help organisations thrive in the new digital economy

Mike Richardson
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Global Consultancy Firm, PWC has demonstrated a new service by harnessing Virtual Reality (VR) to allow companies to “help organisations navigate disruption” and “engage clients in conversations about the future”.

As part of a pilot stage, PWC has guided more than 100 people through the VR experience including PWC’s clients from banking, local government and transportation.

Using VR technology, participants can spot up-to 20 potential disruptions in a simulated futuristic environment and collectively rate the credibility and impact that those disruptions could have. These disruptions include emerging techs; mega-drones, robotics and synthetic biology or  non-tech; climate change or social behaviours.

The Virtual environment was built by REWIND studio, which is the same team that created HBO’s recent Silicon Valley VR experience.

PWC Partner, Leo Johnson, is in charge of the new disruption consulting team and he said;

“Organisations are facing so many potential disruptions today – not only from technological advances, but from the collision of broader megatrends, from ageing populations to income inequality and we’ve established a new team specialising in disruption to help our clients stay one step ahead of these risks and build future-proofed strategies.”

According to Information AgeJeremy Dalton, VR lead at PwC, said:

“VR is a unique medium to tell the story of disruption, allowing our clients to experience the potential impact first-hand and bring their challenges to life in a much more immersive way. It enables far more meaningful conversations about the risks faced by each organisation as a result.”

PWC has a high interest in how Drone Technology will evolve in the future and according to its website, ‘in one construction project supervised by Drone Powered Solutions, the investor had savings of approximately $2.94 mln in claims settlement litigation thanks to unparalleled evidence’.

Resource: Welcome to the era of drone-powered solutions (pdf) :: PWC