Foxconn Will Manufacture Sirin Labs' Blockchain Handset

Sirin Labs' $1000 blockchain phone for cryptocurrency users will be manufactured by Foxconn

Marcus Zallman
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Last year, Sirin Labs raised $158 Million through its ICO and announced that they would launch the first blockchain-powered phone and PC which would act as a secure wallet for cryptocurrencies.

Bloomberg has reported that Foxconn subsidiary: FIH Mobile, a major electronics manufacturing company based in Taiwan, servicing Amazon, Apple, Cisco, Google and Huawei, has agreed to manufacture the device.

Sirin Labs, $999 Finney phone has been designed with enhanced security provided by open-source Android based Sirin OS for users who want to store and purchase cryptocurrencies can automatically convert tokens for decentralised applications. Users will also be able to earn ‘tokens’ for sharing their unused/redundent mobile data.

According to the Bloomberg report, the Finney phone would be ready for shipment in October, and can be purchased at eight stores in cities where cryptocurrencies are booming. According to the report, Sirin Labs has received over 25,000 preorders for the device and has set an ambitious target of selling more than 100,000 units to a few million by end of 2018.