Facebook introduces additional customisable avatars

Facebook Spaces updates its VR avatar system to provide a more fluid and richer experience

Mike Richardson
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If you're a user of Facebook Spaces, the company has just updated its VR avatar system allowing its users to have more expressive characters/avatars.

On Monday, Facebook announced that they would help create a more ‘really there’ experience when immersed in the virtual space.

In the blog post, the company said, “You need an engaging avatar that represents you and helps you relate to other people in the virtual space.”

Facebook Spaces is a virtual world where users can create a digital avatar to shared experiences such as dance parties or live VR Broadcasts.

“It’s a huge part of feeling like you’re ‘really there’ together. That’s why we’ve been continuously working to learn what helps people represent and express themselves while spending time with friends in VR.”

Previously, users had limited customisable options such as hair and eye colour and avatar movement was somewhat awkward.

Improve the VR engine, Facebook engineers and artists, have deployed various techniques previously used for film animation, graphics and mathematics in order to enhance the digital experience.

“Our goal is that everyone can represent themselves in VR in a way that feels natural, so we knew we could do better,” Facebook said.