Patent filed by Cisco for Blockchain Group Communications

Cisco plans on creating a more secure network, using blockchain and cryptographic keys for confidential group messaging

Ramy Caspi
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Recently, we have been seeing major companies filing blockchain applications, from UPS using Bitcoin as a method of payment, to Intel’s plans to create “A system on Chip implementing a Bitcoin mining hardware accelerator [which] may include a processor core and a hardware accelerator coupled to the processor core.” 

On the 29th of March, Cisco filed a patent, with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a confidential group communications system which uses blockchain technology.

The patent filed by Cisco describes its system as;

A system and method for achieving authorisation in confidential group communications in terms of an ordered list of data blocks representing a tamper-resistant chronological account of group membership updates.”

This method hopes to permits “ad­hoc and decentralised group definition, dynamic and decentralised membership updates, open sharing, tamper resistance, and tracking of membership history”. An example of such application would be “to enabling end­to­end encryption of instant messaging, content sharing, and streamed media”.

To understand this statement, it would simple mean that Cisco is planning on creating a more secure network, which will use blockchain and cryptographic keys for confidential group messaging on a peer-to-peer network.

Cisco has been active with its research and development of Blockchain, and In the last twelve months, Cisco has already submitted two patent applications based on the technology. In December 2017, Cisco  submitted a blockchain patent and previously in the year it submitted a further patent; “Blockchain based IOT device identity verification and anomaly detection”.