France wants to be an Artificial Intelligence Leader

1.5 Billion Euro will be invested by France into the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector

Mike Richardson
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The French Prime Minister, Emmanuel Macron has launched a program to develop artificial intelligence, with an investment of €1.5 billion to be allocated over four years, in order to place France as a world leader in the technological landscape.

France has announced that the governments new AI strategy, would allow companies to;

  • tap into a pool of talent, or
  • access vast troves of centrally collected public and private data
  • financial incentives for scientists and companies who will move to France
  • access to European Research institutes who can all share and leverage knowledge.

The money will also be used to create ‘scientific laboratories’, fund research and startups who are participating in the sector.

In a document released by the government, “For a Meaningful Artificial Intelligence, written by one of the worlds leading mathematicians, Cederic Villiani who has been appointed as Director of the Initiative, Emmanuel Macron believes that this would enable France to be on the forefront of the technology in the coming years.

In an article written by Techcrunch, Emmanuel Macron is quoted as saying “[Artificial intelligence] is a technological, economical, social and obviously ethical revolution. This revolution won’t happen in 50 or 60 years, it’s happening right now. There are new opportunities and we can choose to follow some innovations or not.”

Europe’s economic powers are at risk of falling behind due to technologies developed by Apple, Facebook, or Google and its well known that China has been making significant developments utilising the tech to replace mundane/routine human labour.

Under Macron, France has been reforming its labour laws, and has been promoting itself as a startup-tech hub which has privately-financed various projects.

French officials have conceded that France is behind the United States and China in AI, but believes that it has some of the best schools and data scientist and mathematicians and many of those professionals are now working for the leading tech companies such as Facebook, and or Google.

And with this investment, France hopes that it will insure the countries evolution and technical edge in the near future.

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