SwissRealCoin enables real estate investment via blockchain

The first asset-backed token will power transparent real estate investments

Mike Richardson
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SwissRealCoin, Switzerland’s first real estate-backed crypto platform, enables easy access to Swiss real estate value for investors around the world. SwissRealCoin provides much more liquidity and is far more transparent than direct real estate investments, or classic real estate funds.

The proceeds of the SwissRealCoin ICO will be invested in Swiss commercial real estate assets and in the development of the blockchain platform. The resulting income will be re-invested to support sustainable growth of the the inner value of the token. SwissRealCoin therefore represents the first real estate-backed crypto token that brings secure value into a volatile crypto-universe. It’s the world’s first stable cryptocurrency: Backed by Swiss Real Estate and with a smart algorithm, allowing for full upside potential with a strong downside protection through the inner value. It provides stability based on the quarterly audited net asset value of a real estate portfolio. This allows cryptocurrency holders to safely store crypto value without converting to fiat currency.

“The community needs to have a blockchain-based token that can be used as a real store of value, and at the same time can be easily traded on all the exchanges, including crypto-only brokerages,” says SwissRealCoin CEO & Head Real Estate Brigitte Luginbühl. “Simultaneously, classic direct investments in real estate are burdensome, non-transparent, and prone to high transaction costs of up to 4%. The SwissRealCoin portfolio will allow for a disruptive showcase, paving the way to manage all real assets on the blockchain in the near future.”

SwissRealCoin is located in Switzerland, which stands out for its solid economic fundamentals: The positive GDP growth (659.8 billion USD), very low unemployment (3.1%), a stable and liberal government and a very low debt-to-GDP ratio ensure a prosperous environment. Real estate represents one of the biggest markets in the world, as global real estate investment volumes were expected to hit $1.39 trillion in 2017.