VideoByte: Amber Hartley of BurstIQ, a Healthcare Blockchain Company

We talk with Amber Mortensen Hartley of BurstIQ about blockchain and the pending healthcare revolution

Ramy Caspi
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Over the last decade, society has witnessed an explosion of health-related technology, from electronic health records to personal health trackers to low-cost whole genome sequencing to population health management tools. Currently, data from these sources is largely siloed – viewed and analyzed separately or using only cursory integration with other data sources.

The convergence of these data sources will usher in a new era of health. One in which healthcare is customized to the individual based on their own unique genomic, proteomic, medical, demographic, socioeconomic and social profile: their LifeGraph Healthcare will be predictive, preventative, and highly effective.

Watch Amber Hartley: Chief Corporate Development Officer of BurstIQ, a Healthcare Blockchain Company

Access to the full video will be made available soon.

BurstIQ's platform and ecosystem will enable a coming transformation in the healthcare space. Data is becoming increasingly critical to clinical, operational, and individual decision-making, and interest in products and partnerships that leverage data is exploding. However, health data is largely siloed, inaccessible, non-standardized across systems, and difficult to understand, use and share. BurstIQ's proprietary platform addresses all of these challenges.

The platform combines blockchain technology with Big Data capabilities, advanced security protocols, and machine intelligence to allow complex data sets to be managed, parsed, shared and mined while maintaining strict security standards and HIPAA compliance. Health data from disparate sources is combined to create individual LifeGraphs within the platform. LifeGraphs then form the basis for the HealthWallet, from which people can share, sell, license, loan, or donate their data.

The company believes that within the next five years, data will become the currency that drives the healthcare industry, and BurstIQ will drive the marketplace. The BurstIQ ecosystem enables individuals, businesses and researchers to actively engage with each other to buy, sell, partner and collaborate, all while maintaining the security and privacy of each person's data.  BurstIQ believes that you should own your data. You should be able to access all your data in one place, and that you should be able to decide who sees it and what they can do with it.