Minerva token sale: $10M hard cap, first use-case platform integration and new strategy

Minerva, The "Decentralized Central Reserve" announces its first use-case integration, advisors and details of its upcoming cryptocurrency token sale

Mike Richardson
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MINERVA TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED, the team behind MINERVA, a proposed new cryptocurrency payment provider focused on advancing the arts currently practiced by services like BitPay, is aiming to put the currency back into cryptocurrency. Today they announced their token sale hard cap of $10MM, their first use-case integration and the addition of multi-industry veteran strategic advisors.


“Today we are pleased to announce our token sale’s $10MM hard cap and our first use-case integration agreement with FreeWebcams, a > 10 million member, $20MM revenue live-streaming video platform."

Managing Partner Eric Wexel stated, “Major online ecommerce sites like ours remain dependent on card-not-present credit card processing. With the exorbitant fees, fraud and chargeback issues plaguing the online credit card transaction space, we welcome a well thought out alternative payment option with the flexibility and utility of Minerva.”

McSheehan continued, "With the addition of ecommerce and payment processing industry leading strategic advisors Michael Brooks, Tim Burd, Rob Johnson and Bryce 'YTCracker' Case Jr., we will continue striving to assemble the best and brightest minds as we tackle the lofty goal of addressing the pitfalls of Bitcoin and pushing out a cryptocurrency with incentivized stabilization mechanisms that is viable as an actual currency rather than merely a speculative asset.”

Michael Brooks, Founder of goLance and Response CRM added, “I’ve been in the electronic payments business for over 15 years and have authored two books on the industry and digital currency. No company in history has tackled the crippling effect interchange has on merchants the way Kevin McSheehan has spearheaded with Minerva. Coupling the current electronic payment infrastructure with a crypto incentive creates a new level of attraction to merchants in what has long we been a commoditized industry. Minerva is proving to be one of the most utility driven token sales in the alternative coin arena.”

Tim Burd, Co-Founder of AgencyY added, "The biggest problem with cryptocurrency right now is that it is not easy to actually purchase things with it. The reason? Most merchants won’t accept it because the value is so volatile. The value can change upwards of 20-30% daily. This makes accepting traditional cryptocurrency very risky. Minerva addresses this issue and changes the game. It allows merchants to accept cryptocurrency with confidence knowing the price will not change drastically overnight. Minerva accounts for the volatility with essentially a two coin system. One as the currency and one as a type of a bond. These two work in tandem to create a balanced crypto currency that is not only safe for merchants to accept but actually rewards them! That's right! Instead of you having to pay a fee each time you accept a payment like most currencies, Minerva actually pays you to accept the currency! Minerva is essential for cryptocurrency to become mainstream. The concept, the execution, the technology and the team behind Minerva are all experts in their fields and excellent at what they do. I look forward to making sure Minerva becomes widely adopted and the standard in cryptocurrency."

Rob Johnson, CMO at Response CRM mentioned, "As cryptocurrencies begin to find their way into financial markets, Minerva has positioned itself in a way that will help merchant processors execute more efficiently in many areas. The reverse fee mechanism will incentivize merchants to use cryptocurrencies. Minerva's ability to provide subscription based processing capabilities for merchant processors will make it an industry must-have solution. It is an exciting time for e-commerce right now and I am excited to be a part of Minerva's team, which I feel will help change the way business is done for future generations."

Bryce “YTCracker” Case Jr., Co-Founder of Unsung.org, Information Security Architect at Grindr and advisor to Path Network, Academy School of Blockchain and Minerva added, "High volume merchants that deal in small and micro transactions (e.g. many online "tipping" platforms) would be negligent to not want to offset their fee schedule with a product like Minerva. Significant revenue could be passed onto affiliates or onto operating expenses, and widespread adoption is likely for this reason."